Social Security Disability in O' Fallon, Missouri

Have you been denied Social Security Disability? Call the attorneys at Haynes Law Office, LLC right away. You have a limited time to appeal your denial. Our goal is to help you obtain benefits. We are located in O’Fallon, Missouri. We provide attorney services to Social Security Disability clients throughout the eastern Missouri region.

We can usually perform a preliminary assessment of your case on the phone or we can meet with you. There are no up-front attorneys’ fees for a Social Security case. In order to represent you, both you and your attorney will sign the appropriate representation agreement documents. Then we will learn your story in detail and start working for you. We will obtain additional medical records and prepare for your hearing before an administrative law judge. We attend the hearing with you and represent you at the hearing.
Man in a Wheelchair, Social Security Disability in O' Fallon, MO

The Social Security Programs

Like the Social Security program for retirement, Social Security Disability is a program that you pay into while you are working. If you become disabled by a mental or physical disability that prevents you from working, you may be able to apply for Social Security Disability. You must have worked a required number of work quarters to qualify. We recommend that you meet with your local Social Security office to determine whether you are eligible in regard to your work quarters. You can also obtain an estimate of your benefits from the Social Security Administration. If you wish to do this online, visit and create a “my Social Security” account.

There is another program, called SSI, with different requirements. Persons who have never worked (such as children) or who have not worked in recent years may not qualify for Social Security Disability, but may qualify for SSI. To qualify for SSI a person must have limited financial means. We recommend that you meet with your local Social Security office to determine financial eligibility.

Some disabled persons call us before they have made application for Social Security Disability or SSI. We typically encourage them to go ahead and apply. You do not need an attorney to apply. However, if you have difficulty applying for some reason we may be able to help you apply. If you have applied and have been denied benefits, then we recommend you call Haynes Law Office, LLC immediately for our assistance.
Questions to Ask When Choosing a Representative
Is he or she an attorney? (A representative is not required to an attorney. Since the cost is the same, why not have the highest credentialed and educated person available?)
How much experience does the attorney have in Social Security Disability cases?
Will the attorney be obtaining additional information from your doctors?
Will the attorney explain the hearing process to you prior to the hearing date?
Will your attorney attend your hearing personally? (Do not be lured by advertisements from out-of-state attorneys. We recommend you hire a local attorney. We are local attorneys in the eastern Missouri area.)
Contact us in O' Fallon, Missouri, to get the help you need to qualify for Social Security Disability.
The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely on advertisement.