Estate Planning & Probate Services in O' Fallon, Missouri

Haynes Law Office LLC, in O' Fallon, Missouri, offers attorney services to help clients and their families in the event of disability or death. We prepare revocable living trusts, wills and non-probate transfer documents to help clients pass along their assets to their loved ones. We offer probate services to help families through the court process.
Last Will, Probate Services in O' Fallon, MO

Will Preparation

Every person needs a will to ensure that his or her wishes are honored after his or her death. However, many of our clients are surprised to learn that administration of a will involves a probate process. If you do not create a will (or make other non-probate plans), then the State of Missouri has specific laws regarding who will receive you assets after your death. We include wills in the comprehensive estate plans of our clients.

Avoiding Probate

There are several documents we recommend to avoid the need for probate. They include revocable living trusts, which are private documents. A revocable living trust is more expensive to set up initially than just a will. However a revocable living trust saves your loved ones legal fees as well as considerable time and aggravation in the long run. A revocable living trust must be funded with your assets to effectively avoid probate. We explain the funding process in detail. Other helpful documents to avoid probate include powers of attorney for incapacity and beneficiary deeds.


Families come to us after the death of a loved one. We help families sort out the legal issues of their loved one’s assets. This often involves the probate process.
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